About Us

Thank you for your interest in ICCRS!

From 1973 ICCRS is at the service of the Church and the CCR worldwide. It provides specific services to carry out its mission:

• Ongoing dialogue with the hierarchy of the Church, other ecclesial realities and ecumenical dialogue with other Christian Churches and denominations. Also the support catholic and ecumenical initiatives.

• Publication of an international newsletter, books, booklets, CD’s, DVD’s. Also the promotion of the “Cross of the Renewal” as the international symbol of the CCR.

• Formation through an international leadership bulletin, Leadership Training Courses, Leadership Formation Institutes, retreats, special programmes and so on.

• Places of dialogue and reflection on decisive topics for the life and the mission of the CCR with consultations, colloquiums, meetings, etc.

• Revival and refreshment through meetings, congresses, conferences, retreats, etc.

• Prayer ministry with a network of intercessors.

• Access to information and resources about the CCR and the Holy Spirit through the archives of important documents and items housed in the “Brian Smith” Library at the ICCRS office in Rome.